COVID-19 Workplace Induction Training

COVID-19 Workplace Induction Training

Implement necessary controls to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

This 2-hour tailored COVID-19 Workplace Induction course programme delivered online, is designed for employees all sectors (except construction) as employers must provide induction training for all employees and advise employees of necessary controls identified in the risk assessment to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. COVID-19 Induction Training Course is designed to assist employees who are returning to work following the Covid-19 pandemic business closure.

This training should at a minimum include the latest up to-date advice and guidance on public health: what a worker should do if they develop symptoms of COVID-19; details of how the workplace is organised to address the risk from COVID-19; an outline of the COVID-19 response plan; identification of points of contact from the employer and the workers; and any other sector specific advice that is relevant.

The training will be based on the Return to Work Safely Protocol, Business Response Plan and HSE guidelines and what employees must do as detailed in the Return to Work Safely Protocol.

This course is targeted at employees who require information and practical guidance on controls to comply with COVID-19 infection prevention measures and will adhere to the training requirements for employers set out in the Return to Work Safely Protocol – COVID-19 Specific National Protocol For Employers and Workers.

Our live interactive virtual online training course will allow for classroom style discussion and interaction as if you were in the classroom from any location that you choose.

Who should attend

All employees must attend and participate in COVID-19 workplace induction training provided by the employer in advance or on their return to the workplace and be advised on the changes in the workplace and rollout of new measures identified in the “Return to Work Safely Protocol” document and implemented in the workplace.

Course Aim

By the end of this course employees will have all the information and practical guidance to assist them in working safely and ensuring the hazards posed by COVID-19 are minimised to an acceptable level.  They will have a greater understanding of COVID-19, its symptoms, how the virus is spread and how to prevent the spread in the workplace.

Course Objectives & Content

On completion of this course participants will have the ability to:

  • What is COVID-19 and How is COVID-19 spread, signs and symptoms
  • Protocol for Employers & Workers
  • COVID-19 Workplace Appointed Representative/ Lead Worker Representative
  • High Risk Groups and Vulnerable Groups
  • COVID-19 Safety Measures/Workplace preparations
  • Management of Covid-19
  • Infection control, Hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene & physical distancing
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Work Equipment
  • First Aid
  • Managing close working and Social Distancing Measures
  • Workplace Signage (Desks/Walkways)
  • Communal and Welfare Areas (Canteen, Toilets, etc.)
  • Travel to and from Work
  • Dealing with Covid-19 Suspected & Confirmed Cases
  • Cleaning & Waste Management
  • Measure and Monitor Compliance

Course Assessment

Multiple-Choice Questions test will be completed at end of course by each participant.

Delivery Method

Virtual online interactive classroom training delivered through the Zoom platform

Participants Requirements

  • Good Level of English language both oral and written.
  • Laptop/Tablet/Computer with Camera and Audio.
  • Adequate broadband for live stream of course and interaction.
  • Please ensure you have a quiet area while the course is being delivered so as you can maximise your commitment and attention.
  • There will be a short multi choice assessment at the end of the virtual course and will be completed online. You will be sent a link for this assessment during the course.


On successful completion, The Cpl Institute will issue a COVID-19 Workplace Induction Training Certificate to each participant.

Max No of Participants: 12

For in-house training the cost is:

  • €450 for Groups
  • €800 for two courses on the one day